The Eco Friendly Cutlery Kit includes 1 bamboo knife, 1 bamboo fork, 1 bamboo spoon, 1 metal straw and 1 straw cleaner. There is no need for single use plastics. Keep this kit in your car or in your purse and take it with you whenever you eat out. This will help keep plastic out of our environment which is good for our health as well as the health of our planet and especially for the health of our marine wildlife. The carrying case is vinyl (plastic). It is not intended to be a single use plastic packaging but instead a more convenient style of carrying case. It is easier to quickly rinse food out of a vinyl bag verses a cloth bag that needs to be laundered which can cause you to be without your cutlery kit. The clear bag makes it easy to see which utensil needs to be washed while keeping food particles separate from your other belongings. These kits are our number 1 best selling item! 

Eco-Friendly Cutlery Kit

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