Jade's Pro Tips

Being a Warrior of the Sea is all about making small changes in your daily life that make a huge impact on our world's water supply. Here are some mermaid life hacks you might not have known about...


Plastic straws and cutlery are single use plastics that are damaging to the environment and ocean wildlife. Use reusable cutlery. You can find reusable cutlery kits right here, in our shop page! Reusable acrylic straws, reusable silicone straws and paper straws are also great alternatives to plastic.


Each year the amount of oil used to make plastic water bottles in the U.S. is enough to fill one million cars! Ironically it's the plastic bottled water industry that is causing some of our public water to become polluted.     

There are enough plastic bottles in the world to circle the earth 5 times and all of those bottles are going to outlive you. You can easily solve this issue by buying a reusable water bottle. We have beautiful reusable bottles available in our shop.

Reusable Grocery Bags .jpg

Plastic shopping bags are often mistaken for food by marine wildlife. Right now, all 7 types of sea turtles are endangered. Plastic bags have already been banned in many countries. The true price of single use plastic bags is too much. Check out the one of a kind reusable grocery bags in our shop! If you still forget, don't fret. Any plastic bag that is stretchable is recyclable and can be transformed into material to build playground structures!


Ever notice how all batteries have a  symbol of a garbage can with an X over it? That is because you are not supposed to throw them away! Batteries in the trash end up as batteries in the landfill where the case around the battery eventually wears away causing the mercury and other chemicals inside the battery to pollute the soil and ground water. 

Also, if batteries are burned by mixing with household waste, the heavy metals in them cause air pollution. Another danger of battery disposal is potential burns to the eyes and skin. So make sure you take your used batteries to your local recycling center because they cannot be recycled in curbside bins. 

toilet paper.jpg

One of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic in your life is to simply switch brands of toilet paper. Instead of buying toilet paper wrapped in plastic you can support awesome companies like "Who Gives A Crap" who truly give a crap about the environment, your health and are helping to build toilets for communities in need!

Bite toothpaste.jpg

Conventional toothpaste tubes are made with a blend of three different types of materials, which cannot be separated. Therefore, they cannot be recycled. However, plastic toothpaste containers are not a good alternative as only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled. Fortunately there are awesome companies like Bite that have created a plastic free, closed loop production alternative to conventional toothpaste! You can also make your own toothpaste at home using coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil.

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This information is for females. Did you know that in North America alone an estimated 20 billion used pads and tampons ends up in landfills and sewage systems each year? Gross! Thankfully there are many alternatives these days. Reusable sea sponge tampons, reusable menstrual cups and reusable pads. Sea Sponge Tampons are sustainably harvested, safe to use during intercourse, more comfortable, more healthy and more environmentally friendly than conventional tampons.


When clothing that is made out of synthetic fabric gets washed in a laundry machine, it sheds microplastics into the water supply. Microplastics are terrible for the environment. They attract and absorb pesticides, motor oil, industrial chemicals and other pollutants where fish ingest them and they enter into the food chain and potentially into human bodies. Worst of all it is nearly impossible to get microplastics out once they have entered a body of water.  

Luckily there is a solution! Guppyfriend is a laundry bag that you can put your manmade fiber clothing into and it catches and contains the microplastics so that they stay out of our oceans! 


Another solution is called the Cora Ball. Cora Ball is a laundry ball that catches loose microplastics and microfibers in the washing machine.  

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Single-use makeup remover wipes are expensive! If you buy reusable makeup remover pads once you'll never have to buy them again! This solution saves money and the environment.